South Cardiff’s growing pains solved by grant funding

South Cardiff Community Football Club will use NSW Football Legacy Fund funds to update equipment needed due to a surge in participation.

South Cardiff has grown by 59% since 2019 and female participation has increased by 380% over the same period.

According to Lachlan Clarke, South Cardiff’s President the club is thrilled by the growth in participation and funding to help provide quality football experiences. “Our club is growing fast, but the club’s equipment is ageing faster. The Legacy Fund grant has allowed us to buy new goals to support the growth of female football and further increase participation of combined male and female teams,” Clarke said.

South Cardiff Legacy

Quality football experiences a must 

Making football experiences enjoyable is key to participant retention. Northern NSW Football’s Community Football Manager, Ross Hicks explains, “Feedback from our football community shows if people enjoy their time at their club they are more likely to return year after year.

This means having a good coach, fit-for-purpose facilities and quality equipment. In South Cardiff’s case having enough goals makes sure their football offering will meet the expectations of new people coming into the club,” Hicks concluded. 

About the Legacy Fund Participation and Infrastructure Grants 

The NSW Government recently announced a $3.1 million investment into more than 100 grassroots football projects across the state to help improve facilities and run programs to boost player participation as part of the NSW Football Legacy Fund.

The investment is intended to broaden female player options and increase participation opportunities, whilst enhancing football facilities and supporting infrastructure. This fund also aims to assist clubs in developing football programs at all levels through the construction or upgrading of community facilities, leadership, and development initiatives.

As Australia prepares to host the FIFA Women’s World Cup in 2023, strengthening the football community in NSW is key to matching the unprecedented level of interest in female football. The NSW Football Legacy Fund seeks to ensure it has the facilities and programming to match the buzz that the FIFA World Cup is generating for Australia’s next generation of future Matilda’s 

More information about the NSW Football Legacy Fund is available here

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Originally posted article on the Northern NSW Football website.